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Incident : BRI_607

An alleged attack by the Houthis on Al-Hanna Bridge north of Oqabat Al Qundah in Numan district, northeast of Al Bayda governorate 11/08/2021

Mon Nov 08 2021Al-Bayda 45.607894 || 14.689145

News websites and Twitter and Facebook accounts claimed that the Houthis blew up Al Hina Bridge north of Al Qanaa Oqba in Numan District, northeast of Al Bayda governorate. A news website claimed that the bombing targeted three ferries and the bridge linking Al Jaribat and Al Saha areas in Numan district in Al-Bayda. Other sites indicated that the explosion was caused by explosive devices.

Weapons Used:

Air Strick


Attacks on Access. Systematic Targeting of Bridges in Yemen

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