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Incident : BRI_605

An alleged attack by the Houthis on a bridge down Naqil Fardat Nehm, east of the capital, Sanaa 04/23/2020

Thu Apr 23 2020Sanaa 44.65460277 || 15.74855882

A news websites and Twitter and Facebook accounts claimed that the Houthis blew up the Fardha Bridge down the Naqil Al Fardah Nehm east of the capital, Sanaa. One of the sources mentioned that the bridge is the only road between Al Fardah and Al Jawf junction. Some sources also published a picture claiming to be of the destroyed bridge after it was detonated in order to stop the military progress in the area.

Weapons Used:

Air Strick


Attacks on Access. Systematic Targeting of Bridges in Yemen

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