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Incident : BRI_600

An alleged attack by the Houthis on a bridge north of the Maris area in Al Dhalea governorate 10/28/2019

Mon Oct 28 2019Dalih 44.685996 || 14.058596

Several sources on Twitter and Facebook claimed that the Houthis targeted a bridge north of the Maris area in Al-Dhalea governorate. The sources explained that the bridge consists of 6 ferries, which is considered the largest bridge in the area, and it is difficult to build an alternative dirt road for traffic because it is It is located down the Naqil in a small area. Sources claimed also that it was the second explosion after a week, when the group had previously blew up a bridge in the Al Zayla village with the aim of impeding military progress, and that the Houthis previously bombed eight bridges in Al Dhalea governorate, four of which were on the public line linking the Maris area and Damt district. Between Qataba district and Ibb governorate, a video report on YouTube claimed that the Houthis had blown up the main line bridge in the Maris area, north of Al Dhalea governorate, linking Sanaa and Aden in Al-Zayla village, citing the previous information. The video showed the destroyed bridge after its detonation.

Weapons Used:

Air Strick


Attacks on Access. Systematic Targeting of Bridges in Yemen

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