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Incident : BRI_00355

An alleged attack by the Saudi-led coalition warplanes targeted Al-Darajah Bridge in Saafan, west of Sana'a on August 12, 2016

Fri Aug 12 2016Sana'a 43.570833 || 15.140556

Sources on news sites claimed that one of the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes targeted Al-Darajah Bridge on Sana'a Al-Hudaydah road, in Saafan district, west of the capital, which led to cutting the main road connecting Sana'a and Al-Hudaydah governorates, injuring six civilians, including women and children. Sources on Twitter claimed that the Saudi-led coalition targeted the Al- Darajah Bridge, which led to its destruction, blocking the road between Sana'a and Al-Hudaydah Governorates and injuring six people, including a child and three women. Two pictures were circulated on Twitter, the first showing a part of a bridge located over a river that has been completely destroyed, and showing a large number of people gathering at one end of the bridge, and the second picture shows a horizontal section of a bridge over a river that appears to be completely destroyed on one side and a number of people gathered on the bridge. Sources on Facebook claimed that the Saudi-led coalition warplanes targeted the Al- Darajah Bridge twice within 24 hours, which led to its complete destruction after it was partially destroyed as a result of the first attack. Several photos were circulated showing several places of the bridge and the damage caused to them.

Weapons Used:

Air Strick


Attacks on Access. Systematic Targeting of Bridges in Yemen

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