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Incident : BRI_00323

An alleged attack by the Saudi-led coalition warplanes targeted Al-Siyani Bridge in Ibb province on March 21, 2016

Mon Mar 21 2016Ibb 44.17241 || 13.82968

Sources on news sites, Twitter and Facebook claimed that the Saudi-led coalition warplanes targeted Al-Siyani Bridge, located in the south of Ibb governorate, which connects the governorates of Sana'a and Taiz. according to the sources claiming on news sites, the attack led to its destruction of the Bridge and went out of service. People in the area created alternative roads close to the bridge to cross over. The airstrikes caused the injury of two civilians near the bridge. Another news source claimed that the warplanes launched four airstrikes that completely destroyed Al-Sayyani Bridge, including two strikes at two o'clock after midnight, followed by another two airstrikes at dawn. Several videos of a news report show the impact of the attack on Al-Siyani Bridge in Ibb governorate, where a bridge with destruction and a large number of people gathered at the edge of the bridge and a number of parked cars, and a number of people can be seen carrying their bags trying to cross. According to the sources, the attack also caused damage to houses near the bridge and killing number of livestock. Several people were interviewed, talking about the attack. A number of sources on Twitter and Facebook circulated photos of the bridge after the attack and a picture of a livestock dead body, as the sources claimed that it had died as a result of the targeting.

Weapons Used:

Air Strick


Attacks on Access. Systematic Targeting of Bridges in Yemen

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