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Incident : BRI_00213

An alleged attack by the Saudi-led coalition warplanes targeted Harad bridge located at the entrance of Harad city in Hajjah governorate on October 29, 2015

Thu Oct 29 2015Hajja 43.01906503 || 16.46931666

Several sources on news sites claimed that the Saudi-led coalition warplanes targeted the Harad International Bridge, at the entrance of Harad city, which led to its destruction. The targeted bridge connects between Abs district, Hajjah, Waheedan, Sa'ada, and Sana'a governorates, next to Haradh and the international road towards Saudi Arabia. Other sources claimed that, at ten o'clock, the warplanes launched four airstrikes on the bridge and destroyed it. Sources on Twitter and Facebook claimed that the targeting was carried out with four air strikes, and one of the sources on Twitter shared a picture of the bridge after the targeting, showing the destruction.

Weapons Used:

Air Strick


Attacks on Access. Systematic Targeting of Bridges in Yemen

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